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Leage Standings For the Week of: 7/26

Tuesday Night Mixed Couples League

1st Pizza Parlor 350 pts
2nd Killbuck Savings Bank 329 pts
3rd American Legion Post #192 322 pts
4th Mathie Construction 321 pts
5th Bands Company 310 pts
6th Dave Croft Construction 308 pts
7th Burgs-R-Gone 295 pts
8th T & C Enterprises 287 pts
9th First Knox National Bank 287 pts
10th Chuck Nicholson Auto Superstore 265 pts

Wednesday Night Men's League

1st First Knox National Bank 363 pts
2nd Doug’s Trucking 345 pts
3rd Midflow Services LLC 331 pts
4th RJL Supply 328 pts
5th McDowell Trucking 313 pts
6th Rodhes IGA 297 pts

Doug's Trucking has won the first half!

1st Doug's Trucking 343 pts
2nd Midflow Services LLC 342 pts
3rd First Knox National Bank 329 pts
4th McDowell Trucking 317 pts
5th Rodhes IGA 303 pts
6th RJL Supply 299 pts

Thursday Night Men's League

1st Holmes Wayne Electric 294 pts
2nd Mast Trucking 278 pts
3rd Millersburg Electric 271 pts
4th Miller, Mast, Mason & Bowling 253 pts
5th Bugs-R-Gone 253 pts
6th Baserman Law Office 252 pts

Baserman Law Office has won the first half!

1st Baserman Law Office 297 pts
2nd Miller, Mast, Mason & Bowling 282 pts
3rd Mast Trucking 277 pts
4th Bugs-R-Gone 262 pts
5th Holmes Wayne Electric 249 pts
6th Millersburg Electric 240 pts
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